Part 3: First Semen Analysis – Strict Kruger – Abnormal Sperm – Now What?

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July 2008

Today was Mike’s day…the official semen analysis test. We arrived at the lab both anxious and giddy, walking in as if everyone knew what we were there for. I was nervous, but have to admit I think Mike had more pressure on him today than I did.

We heard back about two days later from my OB-GYN regarding Mike’s results. We didn’t receive too much detailed information, other than a low sperm count and were referred to a Urologist that specializes in male infertility.

I called the urologist’s office immediately hoping that we could get an appointment in the next week or so. To us, this was an emergency, to a doctor this was nothing but routine. I was told that we would not be able to be seen for 30 days. 30 DAYS!!!! This was like an eternity!!! Long story short, we were seen the next week (thanks to those who pulled some strings for us.)

We met with the urologist the following week; I accompanied Mike as he was so good about going to my appointments with me. I even went back to the exam room with him at had to stare at the sea green colored walls, as it was quite awkward watching Mike get examined by the doctor. The doctor wanted to do some more testing and really didn’t have any answers for us that day. I asked him what should we report to my doctor, and he said to continue treatment with her.

Within a week, I had another appointment back at my OB-GYN. By this time, Mike and I went to every appointment with each other. We even managed to make sure to go to lunch and ponder everything about fertility that went through our heads.

I told my doctor that we saw the urologist and was I pretty much ready to leave her office that day with a prescription for Clomid. To my dismay, she wasn’t keen on giving me any fertility drugs and she said she felt that we needed to seek the advice of a reproductive endocrinologist. She thought we might be good candidates for IUI (Intra-Uterine Insemination) So, needless to say, I didn’t leave that day with a prescription in hand, rather with a list of reproductive endocrinologists!

Yep, you guessed it…I called that afternoon and had a consultation scheduled with a reproductive endocrinologist in 3 weeks.

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Part 2: Our Honeymoon – Babymaking Time…or Not?

Read Part 1: Our Infertility Journey – Where It All Began

June 2008

Almost 3 weeks in Italy, and of course I packed about 20 ovulation predictor kits. I was secretly hoping that this would be the month. How awesome would it be to conceive a baby in Italy, definitely the most romantic place in the world. Okay, I also had plans of making a onesie that said “Made in Italy.”

Through many glasses of vino, we still didn’t have any luck with a positive result on the ovulation test. At this point, I didn’t care; I was much more consumed with good wine and pizza. I knew I had the appointment when we got back, so we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves with each and every indulgence.

We went back to OB-GYN and I reported to her that my cycles were very long and I was using home OPK’s without any positive results. I told her I tried doing the morning temperatures, but I ended up throwing that out the window. My doctor seemed just as eager as I was to run some blood work and do some very basic fertility testing. She even mentioned the possibility of Clomid, as she perceived that there were probably some ovulation problems. (My preconceived self-diagnosis was correct, I had anovulatory cycles.) She also thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea if I had an HSG (Hystosalpingogram) done. This is a test where they check your fallopian tubes to see if there is a blockage. I was gung-ho; I was ready to get some answers and to get the ball rolling on this baby making train! It wouldn’t be complete if Mike weren’t involved in this testing also, so my doctor gave me a prescription for Mike to have a semen analysis, as you can imagine he was thrilled-not!

I was able to have the HSG test done in late June. Boy, was I nervous for this….I have to thank the Valium for making it a bit easier. Dr. M performed the HSG at a fertility clinic not too far away from my OB-GYN’s office. When we got there it was a bit nerve racking. We were taken immediately to the procedure room, Mike was able to wait with me until the actual procedure began. Dr. M came in an introduced himself and made me a little more at ease. The HSG didn’t take too long, maybe 20 minutes tops! Mike was able to come back after it was over. The doctor said that everything looked great. (Good news for us, because we were one step closer to getting the beloved Clomid.) Dr. M said that he would send my results back to my OB-GYN.

Part 3: First Semen Analysis – Strict Kruger – Abnormal Sperm – Now What?

Unsuccessful IVF Cycle

It’s frustrating enough when you find out that that you have fertility issues and that IVF is your best shot at having a baby but when you go through your first IVF cycle and it turns out negative, it’s a whole different story. We (including my wife and I) need to realize that having a child is truly a miracle and when it comes down to it, getting pregnant is basically a numbers game whether trying naturally or going through fertility treatments such as IVF.

An unsuccessful IVF cycle does not mean the end of the world. It just means that it wasn’t your time. My wife (Wendi) and I just finished our first IVF cycle a month ago only to find out that it was unsuccessful. We were torn. The entire IVF cycle went as planned according to the doctors. Wendi had great reaction to the stimulation drugs. The egg retrieval went great. We had 2 perfect embryos transferred. They froze 3 good embyos for frozen transfers at a later time. Only to find out that it was not our time and that we’d have to go through this IVF process again.

We got our news on New Year’s Eve. What a way to start the new year we thought! It took us a little time to realize that it wasn’t our fault and that it might take a few times before we have a successful IVF cycle. Our next try, which will be a frozen embryo transfer, will likely be in February or early March. We are keeping our fingers crossed.

Just remember that everything happens for a reason. IVF and infertility in general can be very frustrating and stressful but keeping a positive attitude speaks a thousand words. We know people who have had their first IVF cycle work. We know people whom it took 3 to 4 tries before it worked. Everyone is different and everyone reacts different to IVF. What we do know is that if it takes 5, 10 or 20 tries, it’s all worth the final product, a newborn baby.

Part 1: Our Infertility Journey – Where It All Began

We were already excited to begin thinking about starting a family and the best place to start was with my OB-GYN. I made an appointment and brought Mike along with me. This was the first time Mike was able to meet my hilarious doctor, and she made both of us feel comfortable as well as at ease during our visit. We went over general family health histories and I did the ever-dreaded pap smear…not too bad with a comedic doctor!!! We left our appointment happy and glowing, and knew in just a few months we would actually begin trying.

February and March 2008

Although we were going to wait a few months until we actually began trying, I decided that I would start using ovulation predictor kits (OPK). We were not technically trying to conceive at this time so using the OPK was at least something that I could look forward to each month.

It was strangely exciting walking into the drug store to purchase a box of ovulation kits. I remember staring at the home pregnancy tests on the same shelf, feeling excitement for the day that I could actually come in to purchase those.

Well, come on….45 days and going!!! Where is my period??? The first month we tried the ovulation kits, nothing…no pink line, no smiley face…simply nothing! It took over 50 days for my period to arrive. Of course, my anal self already began to wonder if something was wrong. A friend of mine also suggested taking my temperature. This too, was my next hobby…running to the store to get a basal thermometer and printing out calendars from every pregnancy website that existed.

For the next few months we continued the same thing. I would begin an Ovulation kit on or around day 10 of my cycle and continue for the next two to 3 weeks. I know, sounds long, but my cycles at this point were anywhere from 40-70 days long, so I wasn’t exactly sure when to stop. So needless to say we spent a lot of money on OPK’s. I did the temperature thing every morning, but was sick with the flu and a cold, which really threw my temperature off, so I ended up leaving the thermometer in the drawer and solely relied on the ovulation kits.

It was late April and we were finally ready to say goodbye to the Trojans!!! We were ready to try for a baby.

I never once received a positive result on the ovulation kits, so thought maybe the summer would be a good time to go back to see the good ol’ OB-GYN. Mike and I were traveling to Italy in June, so I made an appointment for after we returned.

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