22 Weeks Pregnant & Feeling Great!

Wendi at 22 Weeks!
Wendi at 22 Weeks!

I am 22 weeks and feeling better than ever. My belly is expanding and I am feeling our little girl move all around…such an amazing feeling! I had to head back to work this week, as school starts in a few days. I will miss my usual summer days of water aerobics; instead I will have to opt for the evening classes. I will definitely miss the bright summer mornings working out in the Arizona sun.

I didn’t tell my coworkers that I was pregnant, so arriving back at school this week was exciting in itself. I bought a t-shirt that said “Tickled Pick” to announce the wonderful news that we were expecting. Many friends and coworkers said that I wasn’t showing much, but not being able to fit into my old clothes is a sure sign that I am indeed pregnant and growing. I feel like I am walking around school glowing and am really happy when I am congratulated. (If everyone really knew what a feat it was to get pregnant in the first place!!!) I am anxious to see how some of the parents of my students will react, as parents are sometimes weary of having a “pregnant” teacher. They are concerned about the amount of time I will be away from the classroom. So needless to say, I am working on finding the perfect fit for a substitute teacher while I am on my maternity leave. That’s awhile off, so I thought I’d post something fun…I thought of “22” things I am enjoying at 22 weeks pregnant.

  1. Actually beginning to look like I am pregnant.
  2. Slowly fitting into my maternity clothes.
  3. Feeling so happy!
  4. Feeling the baby move.
  5. Seeing the baby move.
  6. Having Mike feel the baby move.
  7. Picking out our babies name, “Katherine”.
  8. Not having to keep my pregnancy a secret anymore at work.
  9. Buying the cutest little girl outfits.
  10. Trying to find her the perfect bedding.
  11. Picking out her nursery furniture.
  12. A hearty appetite.
  13. Energetic!
  14. Gathering advice from friends and family.
  15. Spending quality time with my husband.
  16. Thinking about all of the possibilities for middle names.
  17. Beginning to prepare the nursery.
  18. My ever-growing belly!
  19. Getting ready to register.
  20. Enjoying cat naps while I can still take them.
  21. My new body pillow.
  22. Thinking PINK, PINK, PINK!

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