5 Things You Don’t Want To Hear About Infertility

The Truth About Infertility
The Truth About Infertility

When some people are diagnosed with infertility, they sometimes want to block out the realities and not face the music. Infertility is nothing you with upon anyone but being infertile is not the end of the world. Know the facts. Seek professional help and move forward with the advice from a professional. Some things are just out of your control.

  1. Some infertility is unexplained. You might never find out why you are infertile. It can literally drive you crazy searching for the cause of infertility when in fact there might not be a cause that is found. If your infertility is still unexplained after you have gone through all of the proper testing with a trusted fertility specialist, try to stop thinking about it. This is definitely one time in your life that you do not need added stress. Move on and see what kind of fertility treatments might be right for you.
  2. You might be the reason you are infertile. It might be 100% your fault. You need to look at your past to rule out things you might have done that could cause infertility. Maybe you were careless in your younger years and had unprotected intercourse that lead to STD’s. Left untreated, STD’s can cause infertility. If this is the case, there is really no one to blame but yourself for being irresponsible. Or maybe you have abused drugs or alcohol. Drugs and alcohol are a major cause of infertility that can be prevented with a little common sense. Look to your past to see if there are things you have done to increase your chances of infertility.
  3. Infertility can cause embarrassment. Infertility is not a hot topic people like to talk about, especially when it affects them. It’s common to feel embarrassed or ashamed of having fertility issues. Producing little or no sperm can be a huge hit to a guy’s ego. It was for me at first. This should not be the case as infertility is common and should not be look at as a “freakish” disease or condition. Get all the facts and get some help from a fertility specialist if you are diagnosed as being infertile. There are a lot of treatments that can help.
  4. Infertility can be physically, mentally and emotionally damaging. Infertility causes stress in the toughest of individuals. It takes a toll on your body and mind like you’ve never experienced. You need to learn to cope with the stress of infertility in order to help overcome infertility. Stress only increases the severity of infertility so managing stress at this time is essential in optimizing your fertility.
  5. Last but definitely not least, infertility might keep you from being able to have children. Sometimes, fertility treatments do not work. It depends on the causes of infertility and each case and individual are different. Just know, that if you are not able to have children, there are always other options such as adoption. There are many treatments available today as opposed to the past so opportunities to have children are much larger than they were in the past.

The most important thing to remember is that there are many different fertility treatments for many different causes of infertility. Make sure you seek a fertility specialist that you trust. Get references from friends. Shop around. Get the correct advice and educate yourself as much as possible about infertility and what you can do in your power to help improve your overall fertility.

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