Answers please! When Can We Start Our Next IVF Cycle?

Just a few days ago I went in for some blood work in search of  some answers on where I am at in my cycle. I am currently on CD 36, which means my last period was 36 days ago.  Yikes!  Let me remind you, we had a failed FET in March, with a initial beta of zero – so we thought moving on to another fresh round of IVF wouldn’t take too long.

We are so anxious and excited to begin this IVF cycle, but can’t even think about it or do any further testing until my period comes.  I definitely thought I be on birth control pills (part of my IVF protocol) right now and getting close to my stimulation phase of my cycle.  Unfortunately, we are a few weeks behind in our plan.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get a phone call from one of the nurses giving me the good news that my period is in sight or maybe they can induce it with Provera.   The answer I don’t want to hear is you’ll just have to keep waiting.  In a dream world they’ll call and say your PREGNANT!  Okay, so I know the chances of that happening are slim to none, but you never know.  Last week  I thought I felt that AF was in the near future, but here we are and nothing, nada, zilch!!!

Stay tuned, let’s hope we are on our way to IVF #2!

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