Show Me The Money – Fertility Treatment Cost

One of the biggest stressors that couples face while battling infertility is, “How am I going to pay for this?” We are one of the unfortunate couples that don’t have an ounce of insurance coverage for infertility, which makes this process even more frustrating. Yes, you could go completely broke paying for treatments!! Good-bye vacations, good-bye big house, hello baby!

So now we are trying to figure out which route we are going to take. We can pay the doctor a flat fee, which will cover IVF with ICSI and pay for the meds from a local pharmacy separately. For some, this is the only option you have if you are seeking treatment without insurance coverage. Our doctor works with a program though which gives us two more choices. The first one being a refund plan, known as a shared risk program, where you pay a heck of a lot of money up front (not including $4,000-5,000 worth of meds). You are given up to 3 fresh IVF cycles and 3 frozen transfers. You are guaranteed a refund of 70% if you don’t bring home a baby from the hospital. In essence, if it works the first time you have “overpaid”…but have you really overpaid if you have a baby, I think not?!?!

With their other plan (still a lot of money, but not quite as much as the shared-risk plan) you are given two fresh cycles and two frozen cycles, but no refund.

Lot’s to consider!

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