Homemade Baby Food – Beaba Babycook Baby Food Maker

Long before Miss Kate was ready to begin solid foods, I knew that I wanted to try to make her food from scratch. Call me crazy, but I just felt it was something that I could do for my baby that would give her the best nutrition possible. (It didn’t help either that I could no longer give her breast milk!) So, one might say that I was still feeling a little guilt from the whole “breastfeeding issue” – but now I was ready to tackle homemade baby food. Before she was even ready to begin solids, I went out and purchased a baby food maker, the Beaba Babycook.

Yes, you can make baby food without this, but simplicity is key with an infant. The Beaba Babycook allows you to cook and puree the food all in one machine. So right around 6 months we got the okay from her pediatrician and her gastroenterologist to start rice cereal. All I have to say is yuck – tasteless, blah, bland, nonsense…well not totally, we buy one packed with iron and probiotics. It wasn’t long before Kate was ready to move on to something tastier. I thought a great 1st food would be one of our favorites, sweet potatoes. At first she wasn’t sure, but after a few days of trying, I think she realized it wasn’t half bad. That isn’t to say we haven’t had some bumps in the road with feeding, she definitely has turned her nose up at some things – and then sometimes things that I think she’ll hate she actually loves. I really enjoy making her food and coming up with different concoctions to satisfy this little princess’s palate.
At 9 months, she is eating 3 meals a day and we have even incorporated meat (not so fun to cook) into her diet. Some of her favorite things are Mango Chicken (mangoes, chicken and carrots) Thanksgiving Turkey (turkey, cranberries, red potatoes, carrots, and sweet potato) and Green Surprise (broccoli, peas, and pears.) Who knew that a 9 month old could be such a little gourmet?

All in all I really am having fun cooking for her. We do try to buy as much as we can for her that is organic, especially when it comes to meat. I try to make things ahead of time and then freeze them using the Beaba Freezer Tray.

Currently she has a hearty appetite and it very adventurous in trying new things, much like her mommy and daddy. We are hoping in the next few weeks we can move on to more textures and possibly some foods that she can even feed herself. Miss Kate is well on her way to being a great eater and we are sure that she’ll eventually transition great to table food.

Bon Appetite!

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