It’s Official – We’re Having A Baby Girl!

Our Baby Girl At 18 Weeks
Our Baby Girl At 18 Weeks

So it’s Sunday and we are still in shock after our ultrasound last Friday!

Let me back track about 6 weeks ago…

I went in for my 12-week ultrasound with my mom, Mike had to work and I definitely wanted some company. I thought while I was there, I’d at least ask if the ultrasound technician could make a guess on our baby’s gender. After taking some time, she said her best guess at this point is boy! She did say that she wasn’t going to document this in my paperwork, but she felt to be about 70% sure. (I was told not to paint any rooms or making any big “boy” purchases yet, though!) So of course, my mom and I left the appointment and headed to the mall. I wanted to do something nice to surprise Mike. I ended up coming home with a bouquet of blue balloons and a small gift from Pottery Barn Kids. Mike seemed happy; I am under the assumption that all men would like to have a son. We didn’t tell anyone about the gender, as it still wasn’t 100% positive.

So needless to say, we have spent the past month and a half with visions of blue and green dancing around our heads. I have searched endlessly for the perfect baby bedding and found one I really liked. I did restrain myself and only made one purchase, an adorable little boy outfit.

Okay, now back to last Friday.

We went in for our 2nd trimester ultrasound. The first thing that I told the ultrasound technician is that I’d like to make a guess if she could show me the “goods” on the screen. She had a lot of measurements and pictures to take before she got to the genitalia.

Once she was ready to tell us gender, I stared at the screen and said, “Boy?” I couldn’t really see much, but I just assumed we were having a little boy. She said, “Nope, girl!” I immediately began crying and looked at my mom and Mike in disbelief. (I am not sure why I began to cry, but they were definitely happy tears.) I even think Mike began to choke up a little. All I could think to myself was “PINK!!!” I love pink! So now we are rooting for team pink and are thrilled that we will be welcoming a little girl into our family.

The past two days we have managed to buy a few outfits and begin our new search for the perfect baby girl bedding. We are thrilled that we have been blessed with the news of a daughter.

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