IVF 2 Week Wait

We have finally made through the 2 week wait for our frozen embryo transfer that was recently done. Wendi and I went to the doctor this morning to do her blood draw to check her HCG levels. The HCG number needs to be at 50 or higher. We will get a phone call sometime today. It could be at lunch time. It could be this afternoon. It could be tonight. The anxiousness is pretty rough at this point. This 2 week wait seems to be the hardest part of the IVF cycle. So much goes through your head during this time and it’s very hard to keep calm. So, needless to say, emotions have run high that past couple of weeks.

If all goes well, Wendi will have to be monitored for awhile to make sure her HCG numbers are rising appropriately. Keep your fingers crossed for us. We will post an update once we get the news!

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