Our First Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) Was Successful!!!

Our FET Was Successful!
Our FET Was Successful!

We initially thought that we’d post our results from March’s FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer) right away. Sorry for the delay, but as the phone call with our results came we didn’t quite realize the implications of announcing our news.

We’re having a baby!!!

We found out on April 1st that our FET was a success!!!! I received the phone call from Dr. M at about 4 o’clock in the afternoon with his calm voice telling me that I had a positive beta test, if I remember correctly my number was around 118. I tried calling Mike immediately, but couldn’t get a hold for a short period of time. When he called me back I was so happy to announce our positive result. We both were ecstatic, but knew this was still another step towards our goal of a healthy baby. I went back 2 days later to confirm that the beta was rising appropriately….and it was with about 370! Although we were experiencing great excitement and emotions, we decided to stay “hush-hush” for a while. I am a teacher and once you tell one person the entire school and community will then know. I wasn’t quite ready for that. There are also some parents who have strong feelings about having their child in a classroom where the teacher will be on leave. I also wanted to protect myself from drama that may surround next school year. So now that I am out of school, we are slowly letting our fantastic news get around. I just passed 12 weeks so sharing the news of our pregnancy now seems a bit more appropriate.

Thinking back to February and March as we prepared for the FET, I don’t think I even thought it would be a success. Of course I wanted it to, but I truly thought since the fresh round of IVF in December was a failure, this would be too! I pictured my summer being spent doing stimulation drugs….much to my surprise, my summer will now be spent gawking over sample nursery designs and pregnancy magazines. I have had 3 ultrasounds and of course cried at every one of them. Conception is truly remarkable and I feel so blessed and lucky to be considered a success in the infertility world. Our first ultrasound was just shy of 6 weeks and there wasn’t much to see. The doctor was able to see and measure what he needed to and we were pleasantly surprised to see a faint flicker on the screen of a heartbeat. My second ultrasound came at about 7 ½ weeks, at that one we were able to see the little bean and a more distinct heartbeat. At yesterdays scan, boy had things changed!!!! A very lively baby with arms, legs, fingers, toes…all incredible, reminding me of what a miracle this all is.

I am still surprised that the little baby inside me was once frozen, completely amazing. I do remember back in January talking to a nurse at Dr. M’s office. I was upset on the phone after the IVF cycle and she said we have really great FET rates. I think, at that point, I chalked it off for her simply trying to make me feel better. Now I am a believer in successful FET’s as we have one special baby growing inside of me right now. Quite often I wonder why this round worked. I did add acupuncture to my preparation and possibly this time it wasn’t as stressful. The medications were less and I knew what to experience in terms of the transfer.

We are cherishing this time as a couple and look forward to the changes that our life will bring in the next year. Stay posted, we will continue to update our story through each and every stage of this pregnancy.

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