Planning For Your Baby’s Arrival: A Guy’s Perspective


Wow, this pregnancy is REALLY flying by. We are already past 20 weeks. 4 more months and our little baby girl will be here. So, I think the question is, are we ready for her? OF COURSE, I cannot wait to see her for the first time. Daddy’s little girl! But, we better get our stuff in order quickly because there is A LOT to do before she arrives. I truly didn’t realize all of the little things that need to be done. We’re lucky Wendi is a teacher and has the summer off so she can get some pregnancy things done. Nursery, clothing, strollers, car seats, breast pumps, cord blood. The list goes on and on. We also have 11 more doctors appointments in the next 4 months and that doesn’t include 2 more ultrasounds. It’s simply a lot of things going on but it’s for the best reason ever!

Seriously, Planning Before The Baby Arrives? From A True Male!

This might be tailored more for the guys that are going through pregnancy because I sure am learning a lot about what needs to be done BEFORE she arrives. Here are a couple of things that you need to be thinking about sooner than later. I’m sure Wendi will give a more complete list but these are some of the things that I was not aware of so hopefully it’ll alert you guys to take action sooner than I would have!

  • Nursery furniture can take months before it arrives. We just found out that one of the cribs we like can take 14-16 weeks to arrive. That’s not to say that you can’t go out and get something today but if you are particular about style, safety, etc…it might take some time so start looking sooner than later. At least go shop around to get an idea of what you like and how long it might take.
  • Will you be banking the cord blood? You say, “what’s cord blood?” Cord blood is the blood that is left over in the placenta and the umbilical cord after the birth of the baby. Cord blood contains stem cells, including hematopoietic cells that can be useful for treating hematopoeitic and genetic disorders. If you are interested in banking the cord blood, you need to have everything ready beforehand. Do your research. How much does it cost to store cord bloood What is the process? At what facility will it be stored? What paperwork needs to be done? Ask your doctor for more information.
  • Register for the baby shower. Your baby’s going to need clothes, monitors, strollers, etc., correct? Better make sure you have your registry completed well before any baby shower. It might be a good idea to talk to or bring along a friend who has went through the process to help you pick things that are much needed and steer away from things that are not needed or used very often.
  • Daddy boot camp. Okay…I’ll be the first to admit that I need to attend a daddy boot camp! I’ve never changed a diaper. I’m sure I could use the practice! Check local hospitals for daddy boot camps. I’ll be attending one in the next month or so! Wish me luck!
  • If you have the room, start purchasing diapers a few months out. If you see that diapers are on sale, grab a pack every now and then to stock up. You can never have too many fresh diapers at hand!
  • Do you have dogs? It might be a good time to start hinting to them that there is a new addition on the way. Play baby music. Let them see and sniff the baby stuff. Get obedience training if needed. Hey, maybe if your dogs are smart enough, you can train them to do a little babysitting!!!
  • Decide if you will be breast feeding or not. If you are, you might want to look into breast pumps. Once again, do your research. Will you purchase one? Will you rent one? Now is the time to start looking into this.

Well, there you have a few things that you should be starting to look into. Remember, I’m a guy though so I’m probably missing another 50 things that need to be done BEFORE baby arrives. Best plan of action: create a comprehensive pregnancy to do list that has everything you need to get done before the baby arrives and put into specific categories. Check items off as you complete them.

One last tip from what I’ve heard from every parent out there…get your rest now because those days are soon OVER!


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