Positive Pregnancy Test After IVF

Positive Pregnancy Test After IVF
Positive Pregnancy Test After IVF

First off, congratulations!!! You got a positive pregnancy test after your IVF or FET cycle! Your fertility treatment(s) have paid off. Second, congrats on making it through the 2 week IVF wait that is often harder than the actual IVF treatment itself. The emotional and mental portion of IVF can be very trying. Now you are wondering what you should be doing since your IVF treatment is over and you have gotten a positive pregnancy test. Each IVFer will have a little different routine but there are still the basics once you have gotten the positive pregnancy test.

  • Keep your stress levels down. This is as important now as it was during your IVF cycle. Practice relaxation techniques to help keep stress to a minimum.
  • Follow your doctor’s orders. You will still likely be on your IVF medications so make sure you keep taking what your fertility specialist advises. It’s very important that you get the correct support from the medications so keeping on track with them is essential at this point to promote a healthy uterus lining and overall fertility to create an environment for your embryo and baby to develop.
  • Start thinking about planning your first OB-GYN appointment. Your fertility specialist will want to monitor you a for a month or so after your positive pregnancy test to make sure the embryo is developing as it should. They will likely provide ultrasounds to measure the development and track the results from appointment to appointment. They will advise you as to when you should make your appointment with your OBGYN…usually around week 8 but can vary. It’s not too far off from this point!
  • Your HCG levels need to rise. In general, your HCG levels will need to double every 72 hours. The HCG levels will reach their peak around week 8-11 and then decline and level off for the rest of your pregnancy. Your fertility specialist will likely do blood draws to check your HCG levels for the first couple of weeks after you get your positive pregnancy test. IVF clinics vary about how often they test your HCG levels. Each pregnancy is different so each needs its own schedule of monitoring. Talk with your fertility specialist about how often you should get your HCG levels checked after a positive pregnancy test.
  • Enjoy your great news. Seriously, take a minute or as much time as you like and enjoy the good news. Pregnancy is a miracle and you just went through a miracle. Congratulations again!

Remember to follow the protocol that your doctor or fertility specialist gives you after you receive your positive pregnancy test. This period is just as essential as the IVF procedure itself and you need to make sure you are doing everything in your power to help promote a healthy environment for your baby or babies.

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