Pregnancy and IVF is Truly Amazing!

We're Having A Baby!!!!
We're Having A Baby!!!!

This is coming from a guy’s perspective, but seriously…when you actually sit down and think about it, pregnancy is a miracle. All of the little pieces of the conception puzzle that have to go together are overwhelming and it’s such an amazing process.

Having gone through infertility and IVF with my wife, I have learned so much from this experience. It’s really been a great life lesson. If my wife and I would have gotten pregnant naturally, I would not have seen all of the detail that comes with getting pregnant. Going through IVF, you get to see a pregnancy from the very beginning stages, when the eggs are retrieved and fertilized with sperm. Just the process of the fertilization is amazing and most people never think about that if they get pregnant naturally. It takes so much for one little baby to go through the entire process of development. Most people that get pregnant naturally won’t find out until they are 12 weeks or so, some later than that. They miss that early stage of egg fertilization and implantation of the embryo which is a feat in itself. It takes so much for that to even happen. I by no means wish infertility upon anyone, but I’m not mad or upset that my wife and I had to go through it. Yes, the woman has to do the hard part during IVF and I hated seeing my wife have to go through that but she was great and always knew that the pain she was going through was for a very good reason and I thank her for that.

I guess there is no hard data behind this blog post. I just want those trying to get pregnant, whether naturally or with help from a fertility specialist, to just sit down for a few minutes and realize all of the things that must happen in order to have a baby. For those of us who have went or are currently going through fertility treatments, I’m sure we’ve thought about this many times throughout the process, sometimes a bit too much! It’s sort of embedded in our heads now that pregnancy is a miracle.

Best of luck trying to get pregnant and please never take it for granted.

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