Simple Tips On Going Through IVF During The Swine Flu Outbreak

Precautions To Take During Swine Flu Outbreak
Precautions To Take During Swine Flu Outbreak
If you are currently going through IVF or just trying to get pregnant in general, then the swine flu outbreak is probably of a little more concern since you should to be in good health to undergo IVF and achieve pregnancy. With this said, there are things that you can do in your power to help reduce the chance of catching the swine flu while going through the IVF process and while trying to get pregnant.

Wash your hands.
Sounds simple but so many of us neglect washing our hands throughout the day. Imagine all of the things we touch throughout the day in general such as door knobs, ATM machines, toilet seats, etc… Make sure those hands are clean and germ free! If you don’t have access to antibacterial soap and water, use an alcohol-based hand cleanser.

Get plenty of rest.
Your immune system should be in the best shape as possible while trying to get pregnant and going through IVF so getting enough rest is essential in fighting off enemies such as the swine flu. Make sure you are well rested and if you are not getting enough sleep at night, take a 15 minute power nap when you get worn down to re-energize.

Do your best to keep away from flu breeding grounds such as trains, small rooms and airplanes.
This is not saying confine yourself but be smart about where you decide to venture off too and if you notice someone that doesn’t look well, stay away. This doesn’t meant don’t travel either. It’s just saying to use precaution.

Treat your body to good foods.
Going back to your immune system, take your vitamins and eat a balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables. Keeping your body healthy in a time of possible flu pandemic is very important.

What if you do become ill?
Seek medical attention. If you are trying to get pregnant or are already pregnant it’s very important to get medical help if you notice any symptoms of the swine flu or symptoms of any sort. Pregnant women are usually considered high risk and will be treated accordingly. Taking action as soon as you notice anything can be vital to a healthy pregnancy.

Basically, just use common sense in a time like this. Being sanitary can work wonders alone. Doing the simple things mentioned above can help keep you out of harms way.

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