Update: Second Trimester of Pregnancy After IVF

Wendi & Mike - Lake Como, Italy Honeymoon
Wendi & Mike - Lake Como, Italy Honeymoon

Sorry, it’s been a few days since we’ve posted. Wendi is in St. Louis visiting family and I am playing dad to our two very ridiculous dogs! Back on schedule from here on out!

Just wanted to give a quick update on our positive IVF pregnancy. We are in our second trimester and things are moving right along. The whole pregnancy has seemed to move by very quickly for me, but then again I’m a guy and I don’t go through all of the physical, mental and emotional pain so maybe that’s why it seems like it’s going fast for me.

Wendi was very nauseous the first trimester but that has seems to fade away a bit since the start of the second trimester. There are times when she feels not so well but it’s definitely better than it was for the first trimester. It seems to me that she is also getting a bit of her energy back which is great. We’ve been working out more the past few weeks which is much needed for a healthy pregnancy and especially for me since I could stand to lose a few! We also want to be able to keep up with our children so getting in better shape should help us do that too, even though they will probably still run us ragged! That’s okay…we are ready for that!

The most recent change has been Wendi’s “baby bump.” It was so weird. It was like one night she said to me, “hey, come here and look” and the little bump appeared. This definitely got Wendi excited as she can really start hunting for those perfect maternity clothes. She’s a great shopper so I’m sure she’ll have no problem at all finding plenty of things, especially since her and her mom, like…no, no, no, LOVE to shop!

The next exciting milestone in our pregnancy is finding out the sex of the baby. Wendi definitely wants to find out while I’m more of the “let’s wait and get the surprise on delivery day!” After some discussion, we will be finding out the sex so we can “properly” prepare (aka decorate and clothing) for our new arrival.

After we find out the sex of the baby, then we’ll be moving onto the baby’s room and finding a name!!! We both agree on girls names much more so than boys. I’m sure there will be some discussion before we settle on the perfect name. Who knows we like to play Yahtzee and Scrabble so maybe we’ll have a tournament and the winner picks the name! Just kidding. Maybe!

Well, I think that’s about it for now. We will definitely have more news in the next couple of weeks regarding the sex of the baby so stay tuned.

Best of luck for everyone else trying to get pregnant or going through their own pregnancy.