The Benefits of Infertility! Really?

The Benefits of Infertility
The Benefits of Infertility

Obviously we would never wish infertility upon ourselves but if you are diagnosed with infertility issues of any kind, make the most of your situation. It’s the least you can do for yourself and it will help you out in the long run. Getting upset and frustrated will only add stress to your life and this is definitely a time when it’s very important to keep stress levels as low as possible.

So, you’re probably asking…how the heck can I turn infertility into a positive thing. You’re crazy Mike! I might be a little crazy but my wife and I have done it! It’s easy. There are tons of things you can do to better yourself and your lifestyle. We’ll give you a few things to start with but the opportunities are endless if you put your thinking cap on.

  1. Change your life habits.
    Going through infertility is a perfect time to change your life habits. Learn to treat yourself better. Just like anything, it will take a routine for it to truly become part of your lifestyle but now is the perfect time. When going through infertility, a healthy body and lifestyle is a huge factor. Eat better, exercise, reduce stress and sleeping habits are four very important pieces to fertility. Start here. See how changing your life habits can change your infertility. Not to mention, you will be healthier in general.
  2. Start your own fertility blog.
    Hey…we did it! So can you. Blogging is a great way to write about your feelings, thoughts and comments on particular situations. Infertility is definitely a time that you will need to open up and blogging can help do this. Blogs are simple to set up and you need to know nothing about programming or coding. If you know how to type, you can blog. You never know…you might really enjoy blogging and you might get a readership and even make a little money that can help pay for some of your infertility treatments.
  3. Grow closer to your better half.
    Infertility can be a major stress on your life and your partner’s life. This is a time when you can go two different ways. Further apart or closer together. There is nothing good that will come out of arguing about infertility or being upset that you are infertile. This will just drive you apart. Learn to talk about infertility and learn about infertility. Get as much knowledge as you can about infertility. Do it together. The more you know…the better equipped you will be in dealing with infertility and the treatments you might have to go through such as IUI or IVF. Plus you’ll know all of those cool infertility words that your doctor will use!
  4. Realize that life isn’t always perfect.
    This particular point is so very true. Whoever has had a perfect life so far, please contact me and let me know how you did it. Things don’t always go our way. Infertility is one of those things that can creep up on us and hit us like a ton of bricks. Most people don’t assume they are infertile. It catches them off guard and is a major curve ball in life. Learn to hit those curve balls. If infertility is the worst thing that has ever happened to you, then you are lucky. There are options for you. Medical technology is amazing and allows those of use who have infertility problems to get pregnant. Don’t see infertility as an end all. There are solutions for you.
  5. Use infertility as a major life experience.
    There are some major life experiences we face. Some good. Some not so good. After going through infertility with my wife, I wouldn’t say infertility is always a bad thing. Most of you will say that I’m nuts! I really think infertility is a great learning lesson. It helps you realize the miracle of pregnancy. It helps you realize all of the little pieces that have to happen before you can get pregnant. It keeps you humble. It can help change your life and lifestyle. You can become healthier because of infertility. You can become more educated because of infertility. It can grow your relationship. It can make you realize the important things in life that we often forget about. Infertility can be a positive major life experience.

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